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Tulsa Juniors is pleased to announce our Programs and Events for the 2018 - 2019 season.

We are excited to be sponsored by Mizuno and dedicated to rollout training related events, new club programs, and developmental opportunities.


Players who are able to put extra time in with their skill development are the ones who make the biggest and fastest jumps in improvement. Lessons are not essential, but are the best way to get individual attention needed to "fix" or improve areas of weakness.


The Tulsa Juniors School Program offers an opportunity for girls and boys ages 6 - 8 yos to learn the game of volleyball. The Tiger Cubs will develop core volleyball skills and increased knowledge base to bring them to their next level. See Tryout Info for Sign Up dates and times.


We are offering volleyball clinics this year and we have a clinic that is exactly what you are looking for. The following Positional Clinics will be offered: - Middle HItter Clinics - Serving Clinics - Setting Clinics - Defensive Clinics - Blocking Clinics - Pre-Tryout Clinics


Tulsa Juniors weekly Skills outline the conditions and methods for achieving goals in drill execution and performance. Skills enabled coach and players to measure and evaluate performance improvement, while producing positive feedback and reinforcement.

2018 - 2019 Club Season

Our Coaching Staff

The club has an experienced coaching staff that provides in depth training to assist in the overall development of each of our student athletes while maximizing their true athletic potential.

Each Head Coach is well trained and experienced in teaching the fundamentals, mechanics, and core competencies of volleyball while promoting teamwork, positive attitudes, and accountability.

Service Details


Tulsa Juniors is pleased to offer Private and Group Lessons to any Junior player, club affiliated or not.

Duration: Recommend 2-hour sessions

Privates - $50 per hour, 1 - player.

Semi's - $40 per hour, per player, 2 - players.

Groups - $30 per hour, per player, 3 - 6 players.


This programs is designed for children ages 6 - 8 yos who are interested in improving their athletic ability as well as learning basic skills and concepts in volleyball. Children will work on basic movement skills, basic motor control and beginning volleyball skills. The program is meant to be fun, challenging and educational.

Our Program runs in 3 sessions and each session is 8 weeks with practice once a week for 2 hours. You may elect to participate in 1 or 2 or all 3 sessions. These sessions focus on the fundamental skills of volleyball and how to play the game.


We are offering volleyball clinics this year in the South Tulsa area. We have a clinic that is exactly what you are looking for. Our positional clinics will include middle hitter, outside hitter, setter, right side blocker, etc.

Ready for Tryouts? Tulsa Juniors can help! We will be offering Pre-Tryout clinics beginning 9/26 leading up to club tryouts that will help prepare players for tryouts. Our coaches will review what to expect and work on skills to help achieve optimal success.


Skills are the perfect opportunities for your child to continue learning the basic skills and fundamentals of the advanced level of volleyball. The two-hour class, instructed by our first-class coaches, provides players an atmosphere of drills, competitive fun, and instructional teaching.

To ensure a spot in an upcoming Skills, be sure to register in advance. Dates and times posted after tryouts and teams are selected.

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Our Club Pricing

Each team has their own budget for operations, training and competing. Tiger Cubs will not participate in tournaments due to most are 11/12 year old events. 10U & 11U will compete in 6 to 7 as a result of number of tourneys offered. 12U - 18U will play (8) tournaments including Regionals.


      10's DUE'S

      $ 990 yr
      • November 2017 - April 2018
      • Option 1 - Pay in Full
      • Option 2 - $330 in 3 pymts
      • Signing, 11/15/17, 12/15/17
      • Option 3 - $300 ($230 for 3 mos)
      • Signing, 11/15/17, 12/15/17, 1/15/18

      12's DUE'S

      $ 1475 yr 
      • November 2017 - April 2018
      • Option 1 - Pay in Full
      • Option 2 - $491.66 in 3 pymts
      • Signing, 11/15/17, 12/15/17
      • Option 3 - $500 ($325 for 3 mos)
      • Signing, 11/15/17, 12/15/17, 1/15/18