2019 - 2020 COACHES

Tulsa Juniors Volleyball is pleased to introduce our Coaching Staff for the 2019 - 2020 season. Our coaches come with solid coaching experience, incredible playing experience in successful high school and college programs, and are great mentors. Our coaches are dedicated to increasing skill development, teaching core fundamentals, and enhancing knowledge base while competing in USAV sanctioned tournaments.

Tulsa Juniors Coaches

Our mission statement is to train and develop the student athlete to maximize athletic potential and to emphasize the fundamentals of volleyball while promoting teamwork as it relates to positive attitudes, accountability, and the value and respect of volleyball as a team sport.

As a club, we will develop our players in the following (3) categories during practices and Skills.  

Rookie Training Ages 7 - 11: Creates a foundation in coordination, athleticism, body-weight movements and proper running technique in a positive environment during practice on a weekly basis.

Developmental Training Ages 12 - 14: Our developmental curriculum focuses on progressing athletic movement with introduction of speed mechanics, body-weight movements and core development.

Prep Training Ages 15 - 18: Our prep curriculum is designed to develop strength, power, speed and agility using body-weight movements, core, and leg strength development mirroring a Division I collegiate program.

Tulsa Juniors primary goal is to strengthen our players during the (6) month club season especially during the two months prior to tournament play. Moreover, each team and their respective athletes can continue training in school or private gyms from January to May, and even into the summer for their high school programs.  Our coaches are instrumental in pushing our players development, both mentally and physically, our coaches are The Rock.


Allow me to introduce to you our awesome, most incredible and experienced coaches for our teams as follows:


10 Black TBD Head Coach

11 Black TBD Head Coach
TBD Assistant Coach

12 Black Coach Tiger Head Coach
TBD Assistant Coach

13 Black TBD Head Coach
TBD Assistant Coach

14 Black TBD Head Coach
TBD Assistant Coach

15 Black Katy Hambleton Head Coach
TBD Assistant Coach

16 Black TBD Head Coach
TBD Assistant Coach

17 Black Coach Tiger Head Coach
TBD Assistant Coach